Nexus Ecosystem: The Ultimate Collaboration of DeFi Solutions and Utility

What is Nexus?
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Nexus Ecosystem: The Ultimate Collaboration of DeFi Solutions and Utility

The Nexus Ecosystem is a chain of DeFi utilities and cryptocurrency solutions that is defined by its passion for solving problems, creating opportunity and helping build wealth within the cryptocurrency realm. The Nexus Ecosystem has something to offer every crypto enthusiast, DeFi token fan and even the crypto curious. Welcome to the Nexus Ecosystem, where you’ll thrive by our side.

TruBadger: Community is Commerce

TruBadger, a once in a lifetime deflationary, reflection & utility DeFi token is a rising DeFi star focused on bringing new people into the cryptoverse and is the true heart of the Nexus Ecosystem. We launched TruBadger in May 2021 with a vision of solving challenges in cryptocurrency, developing problem-solving utilities, educating the masses on how to build wealth in the crypto space and protecting the reputation of the blockchain in everything we do. TruBadger was created in the spirit of collaboration and community. We live by the statement; Community is Commerce.

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CataBolt Swap: A Premium Pre Swap Platform

CataBolt Swap (CBS) platform is a premium pre-swap site designed and developed to reduce bot manipulation in the launch stage of new DeFi projects, thus protecting new tokens’ early adopters and preventing the “pump and dumps” that are so prevalent in the space. CBS’s quest is to stop the bots by building a safer platform to launch new projects, protect the integrity of the cryptocurrency sector and most importantly, allow buyers and organizations alike to prosper and increase wealth in the growing digital currency world. The CataBolt Swap platform launched in Aug 2021 and the token is slated to launch 1st Q, 2022.

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nSights DeFi Trader: Powerful Market Metrics to Master Your True Trading Profit & Potential

The nSights DeFi Trader software platform is the most advanced trading platform for new emerging tokens, allowing users to increase their chances of profitability within the complex world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). You’ll find nSights demystifies DeFi and enhances the entire crypto trading experience.

At nSights DeFi Trader our goal is to provide the previously inaccessible and necessary tools to help traders achieve their financial goals. The nSights DeFi Trader token launched in Oct 2021 and the trading platform software in Nov 2021.

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SafuFide: The Platform for Trust with Digital Assets

SafuFide offers digital asset protection to both consumers and DeFi token projects.The SafuFide’s Safe-Sig™ software allows users to protect their digital assets, and those of family and friends, via a multisig wallet. Safe-Sig provides a simple program for setting up multisig wallets to protect assets, LP (Liquidity Provider), contest tokens, tokens held for future development and others.

Like traditional checking accounts that need multiple signatures to cash checks at a bank, SafuFide’s Safe-Sig protects token holders by requiring multiple sign offs with each transaction. Protect your Digital Assets in minutes with a click of a button! SafuFide’s Safe-Sig launched Nov 2021 with the token launch expected by the end of Nov 2021.

The SafuFide DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is “governance in a box.” With SafuFide’s DAO projects can avoid issues that may hamper their long-term outlook and growth. The DAO offers smart contract audits, DEV team verification, a transparent governance platform, multisig wallets to manage settings and project development guidance. Many pre-launch decisions made in development can unwittingly harm the project as it grows and SafuFide’s DAO solves this issue by providing a guide that allows the developing team to avoid critical errors or miss massive opportunities. As they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Luckily SafuFide knows.

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CNP: The Community NFT Marketplace

CNP is the Community NFT Project. Our goal is to launch an affordable NFT line with utility. CNP will offer a blind box as well as a premium side that will launch projects for known artists and celebrities. This project will include a full marketplace for people to mint their own NFTs and will be a multi-token marketplace utilizing cross-chain technology. Look for the CNP website to launch in Dec 2021, with the token launching shortly thereafter.

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